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Tips for putting on and taking off isolation gowns

Medical isolation gowns are usually made of non-woven fabrics as the main raw material through cutting and sewing, which are generally provided as non-sterile and disposable. There are some things to pay attention to when putting on and taking off isolation gowns.

 surgical isolation gown

First of all, when putting on and taking off isolation gowns, please pay attention to check whether there is any damage on the surface of the clothing. Therefore, if any damage is found, it is necessary to replace it in time, otherwise it will affect the normal use during the later use. At the same time, the air tightness or sealing of the product should also be checked.

Secondly, when putting on and taking off isolation gown, try to avoid touching the outer surface of the gown before taking off the protective gloves. After taking off the gloves, try to only touch the inner surface of the gown. After taking off the gown, the inner surface should face outwards to wrap the outer surface and contaminants inside to avoid contaminants from contacting the human body and the environment. The removed protective items should be handled centrally to avoid contamination.

 medical isolation clothing

In addition, it is recommended to find someone to assist you when putting on and taking off disposable isolation gown, such as helping to adjust the hands and feet parts and pull zippers, which are difficult tasks, and then to check the condition of the clothing after it is put on.


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