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Main types of medical air sterilizers

The medical air sterilizer is suitable for operating rooms, supply rooms, isolation wards, biochemical rooms, laboratories, etc., and can play the role of air disinfection. It is mainly divided into ozone air disinfection machine, ultraviolet air disinfection machine, plasma air disinfection machine, photocatalytic air disinfection machine and so on.

 hospital uv air sterilizer

1. Ozone generator

Ozone is a strong oxidant. After being dissolved in water, it can directly or indirectly oxidize the inorganic and organic matter in the water by using a large number of radical free radicals and new ecological oxygen generated in the reaction, and enter the bacterial cells to oxidize the organic matter, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization and water purification.

2. Plasma air disinfection machine

The plasma air disinfection machine uses a super-energy ion generator to release trillions of positive and negative electrons, and generates a large amount of energy through the annihilation of positive and negative ions, thereby destroying the bacterial envelope, killing the nucleus to complete sterilization and disinfection.

 ultraviolet air sterilizer for clinic

3. Ultraviolet air sterilizer

Ultraviolet circulating air disinfection machine is composed of a high-intensity ultraviolet lamp and a filter system, which can effectively filter out dust in the air and kill microorganisms entering the disinfection machine.

4. Photocatalytic air sterilizer

Photocatalytic air sterilizer is a machine that sterilizes air through the principles of filtration and purification. It uses nano-titanium dioxide as a catalyst and is activated by ultraviolet light to generate free electrons and electron holes, generate strong photo-redox function.

lab ultraviolet air sterilizer


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