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The principle of ozone generator

Ozone generators produce ozone. Ozone gets its name from its knife-like fishy smell, which can be reduced to oxygen by itself at room temperature. Compared with oxygen, it is easily soluble in water and easy to disperse. Ozone is made up of an oxygen atom carried by an oxygen molecule, which means it is only in a temporary state of storage. The carried oxygen atoms are used up by oxidation, and the rest is combined into oxygen and enters a stable state, so there is no secondary pollution of ozone.

 ozone generator home

Medical ozone generator is a machine that produces ozone. A generator is an air or water purification device. Its main purpose is to use ozone to sterilize and filter pollutants.

The multi-function ozone generator is an endothermic gas phase reactor. Because air and similar gases are poor conductors of heat, the heat generated by corona discharge increases the temperature of the gas. Higher temperatures accelerate the reverse reaction of ozone, where ozone is reduced to oxygen, reducing ozone production. Therefore, cooling is also a measure to improve the efficiency of the generator. Because the heat absorption coefficient of water and oil is much greater than that of air, industrial generators generally use water-cooled or oil-cooled generators. Due to the convenience of air cooling, this form is often used in miniature ozone generators.

 small ozone disinfector

For generators using water cooling, the water quality of the cooling water should be considered to prevent scaling of the cooling water, so as not to affect the heat dissipation effect of home ozone generator, thereby reducing the output of ozone and increasing maintenance costs. Therefore, if the cooling water quality is not good, it is necessary to increase the plate cooler.

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