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Sterilized&non-sterilized surgical masks difference

Medical surgical masks are at the highest level and have the strongest protective ability among medical masks. Surgical masks are mainly suitable for staff in medical clinics, laboratories and operating rooms to prevent the spread of body fluids, splashes and blood during invasive operations.

medical mask 

The main differences between sterilized and non-sterilized medical surgical masks:

Sterilized medical surgical masks are sterilized by ethylene oxide, which is toxic to the human body. Surgical mask sterilized by ethylene oxide is usually placed for more than 14 days, and can only be used clinically after the ethylene oxide is resolved. Because it is sterilized, sterilized medical surgical masks can be used in any clinical surgical and interventional procedures.

surgical mask 

Non-sterilized medical surgical mask is not sterilized by ethylene oxide. Its anti-virus, anti-bacteria, and anti-0.5m particles are more than 90%, the same as sterilized medical surgical masks, and its ability to prevent splashing of bodily fluids is also equal to that of sterilized medical mask.

N95 masks 

However, since not sterilized by ethylene oxide, non-sterilized surgical masks cannot be used for various surgeries and interventional operations in clinic, instead, it is used in non-surgical and non-interventional operations to defend against viruses, bacteria and relatively small particles. Its ability to prevent liquid splashes is also much stronger than that of ordinary medical masks.

KN95 mask


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