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Why infrared thermometer 3cm away from the forehead

Why should we keep the infrared thermometer 3cm away from the forehead when using it for measurement? Infrared thermometers measure temperature by receiving infrared thermal radiation from the human body. The thermal radiation source has a radiation range. If it is too far away, the measured temperature will be lower, because the infrared thermometer can receive less radiation signals, so the measured temperature will naturally be lower.

 handheld infrared thermometer

If it is very close to the radiation source, the Infrared forehead thermometer can the receive more radiation signal, so the measured temperature will be higher. For example, when we measure, the probe of the infrared thermometer is directly against the forehead for measurement, then the measured temperature will be higher.

 infrared body thermometer

The 3cm measurement standard is not set randomly, but is the result of repeated tests by technicians. If it exceeds this distance, it will be easily affected by the external environment. In order to measure body temperature more accurately, when using medical infrared thermometer, please do follow the correct operating method to better measure body temperature.


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