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Main uses and functions of air disinfection machine

Air disinfection machine is a machine that disinfects and sterilizes the air. Some can also remove organic pollutant gases from indoor air, and can also eliminate or filter pollen and other allergens.

ultraviolet air sterilizer 

The main uses of air disinfection machine:

1. Medical air sterilizer can be used for air purification and disinfection in hospital clinics, wards, and operating rooms to create a sterile and healthy hospital environment.

2. It can be used for air purification and disinfection in schools, classrooms, and crowded places with closed environments and effectively blocks the spread of things in closed environments.

3. In closed scenes that have strict air requirements, such as sterile workshops and food production lines, the use of air disinfection machines can effectively absorb particles and dust in the air and purify things that are invisible to the naked eye.

4. In restaurants, hotels and other public places with a large number of people and high mobility of people, air disinfection machines can effectively purify and disinfect the ambient air.

 mobile air sterilizer

The main functions of UV air disinfection vehicle:

1. Remove particulate matter from the air

2. Quickly remove chemical gases

3. Effectively eliminate odors

4. Remove microorganisms and contaminants


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