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Anti Coronavirus Hospital Use Purifier Ozone Disinfector

Home School Hospital medical surgical Air disinfection Ozone Disinfector Introduction to Ozone Ozone is a strong oxidizing gas at normal temperature, and its density is 1.68 (air is 1). Ozone is less soluble in water (3%). Ozone has extreme

Anti Coronavirus Hospital Use Purifier Ozone Disinfector
    Home School Hospital medical surgical Air disinfection Ozone Disinfector
    Introduction to Ozone
    Ozone is a strong oxidizing gas at normal temperature, and its density is 1.68 (air is 1). Ozone is less soluble in water (3%). 
    Ozone has extremely poor stability and can decompose into oxygen by itself at normal temperature. Therefore, ozone cannot be 
    stored in bottles, but can only be produced on site and used immediately.
    Scope of application
    Ozone is a broad-spectrum fungicide that can kill bacterial propagules and spores, viruses, fungi, etc., and can destroy botulinum toxins. 
    In hospital disinfection, the main uses of ozone are as follows.
    (1) Water disinfection: disinfection of hospital sewage and medical treatment water.
    (2) Disinfection of the surface of the articles: Eating utensils, barber tools, food processing appliances, clothing, etc. should be disinfected in a closed box.
    (3) Air disinfection: It is used for disinfecting indoor air without people.
    Ozone sterilization principle
    "Ozone (O3) disinfection principle is: the molecular structure of ozone is not stable at normal temperature and pressure, and it will quickly decompose into oxygen (O2) 
    and single oxygen atom (O); the latter has a strong activity and is effective against bacteria. Extremely strong oxidizing effect, killing it, and the extra oxygen atoms 
    will recombine into ordinary oxygen atoms (O2) on their own. There is no toxic residue, so it is called non-polluting disinfectant. Hepatitis virus, E.coli, Pseudomonas 
    aeruginosa and miscellaneous bacteria, etc.) have a very strong killing ability, and it is also very effective in killing mycin. "
    1. Ozone sterilization and process are biochemical processes, which oxidize and decompose the glucose oxidase necessary for oxidizing glucose inside bacteria.
    2. It directly interacts with bacteria and viruses, destroys its organelles and ribonucleic acids, and breaks down macromolecular polymers such as DNA, RNA, proteins, lipids, 
    and polysaccharides, and destroys the bacterial material metabolism and production process.
    3. Penetrating the cell membrane tissue, invading the cell membrane and acting on the outer membrane lipoprotein and the internal lipopolysaccharide, causing the cell to undergo
    permeation distortion, resulting in cell lysis and death. In addition, the genetic genes, parasitic bacteria species, parasitic virus particles, phages, mycoplasma, and pyrogens 
    (bacterial virus metabolites, endotoxins) in the dead bacteria are dissolved and denatured.
    Looking at the principle of the effect of aseptic technology on microorganisms, it can be divided into three types: bacteriostatic, bactericidal and lysolytic. The use of ozone as 
    a sterilant is a lysobacteria. The so-called bacteriolysis can achieve the effect of "completely and permanently destroying all microorganisms on the surface of objects".
    Unique advantages of ozone disinfection:
    Strong sterilizing ability: Ozone sterilizing ability is equivalent to that of peracetic acid and higher than other disinfectants.
    Broad spectrum: suitable for a variety of pathogenic microorganisms, it has a good killing effect on a variety of microorganisms 
    such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Hepatitis A and B viruses, and fungi.
    High diffusivity: Ozone is a gas, with good diffusivity, no dead angle, and uniform concentration distribution.
    Raw materials are readily available: Ozone preparation is made using the atmosphere around us, without the need for storage facilities.
    Environmental protection: Ozone can be quickly decomposed into oxygen and monoatomic oxygen, and monoatomic oxygen can be combined into oxygen molecules by itself, so there is 
    no problem of secondary pollution. Recognized as a green disinfectant.
    Full coverage: The ozone generated by the ozone generator or electrostatic air purifier can penetrate into every corner of the environment. It can overcome the problem of ultraviolet 
    sterilization,which can only go straight, and there is a problem of disinfection.
    Convenience: The principle of ozone generation is simple, it can work when plugged in, and it can be ionized to generate ozone by using air. No other raw materials are needed. The device has a 
    microcomputer switch, which can be automatically opened and closed, and can be left unattended. And the equipment can be large or small, can be adapted to a single room, can also be adapted to 
    large public spaces, can also be simply placed on public transportation such as buses, high-speed rail, ships, aircraft.
    Cheap: Ozone generator is cheap, no raw materials and labor are needed, the power of the ozone generator used in general office is only about 300w, and it is turned on three or four times a day, 
    after 1-2 hours after work, it is completely eliminated, and it is turned on 2-3 times during the day. 10-20 minutes each time.
    Dynamic + static multi-function disinfection machine
    ◆ Application: Sterilization and sterilization, mosquito and fly repellent in workshops, warehouses, changing rooms of production plants such as food factories, pharmaceutical factories, wineries, 
    cosmetics factories and edible fungus inoculation rooms; wards, injection rooms, waiting rooms, theaters, conference rooms , Guest rooms, restaurants, KTV rooms and other places sterilization and 
    disinfection; slaughterhouses, farms and other places in the space deodorization and purification, and so on.
    ◆ Working principle: Use natural air as raw material, adopt high-frequency high-pressure quartz tube discharge technology to make ozone. Ultraviolet light uses 254 wavelength, does not generate ozone, 
    high-density installation, high-dose illumination, and is disinfected instantly when the air passes by.
    ◆ How to use the space: Turn on the UV circulating wind when someone is in the room, continue disinfection, no ozone is generated, and can coexist with man and machine. When no one is on, regularly 
    turn on ozone to thoroughly disinfect the air and the surface of objects
    ◆ Equipment diagram:

    Technical Parameters
    Model: dynamic + static air disinfection machine
    Function: regular sterilization
    Power: AC 220V / 50Hz
    Power: 300W ozone unit 170W UV C unit 130W
    Color classification: stainless steel
    Application area: 30m2-50m2
    Working principle: ozone, ultraviolet
    Control method: microcomputer timing
    Applicable objects: commercial, household
    Air purification product category: Air disinfection purifier
    Air volume: 600 cubic meters / hour
    Noise: 28-56dB
    ◆ Features:
    1.Mute medical casters are movable and have low mobile noise.
    2.Tube-type ozone generator with long life and humidity resistance.
    3.High-frequency integrated power supply with stable performance and no high-frequency noise.
    4.Ultraviolet uses high-purity dehydroxylated quartz with rare metals, wavelength 254, ozone-free and long life (80,000 hours).
    5.Microcomputer timing automatic switch unattended
    6.Stainless steel casing No harmful gas release, beautiful, durable.

    * Anti Coronavirus Hospital Use Purifier Ozone Disinfector

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