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Civilian and Medical Disinfection Boxes Distinction

As the saying goes, "disease comes from the mouth." In 2020, people across the country are paying attention to their health due to pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, and medical masks are in short supply. In addition to the protection of breathing air, many foodies put their sights on the disinfection box, trying to block the spread of pathogenic bacteria from the tableware from the root to ensure food safety. Did you know that disinfection boxes are divided into "civilian" and "medical" like masks?
"Civilian" disinfection box generally refers to the general standard of the industry's tableware disinfection cabinet, one-star and two-star standards. One-star level disinfection can effectively kill bacteria with ordinary resistance such as Escherichia coli,  while two-star level disinfection can eliminate Escherichia col, but also disinfect deadly bacteria such as polio virus that can cause polio. Routine household tableware disinfection that reaches the two-star level can meet national safety standards.
In general, the "medical-grade" disinfection box means that on the basis of the two-star standard, it can kill 6 kinds of deadly bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans, to meet the needs of higher disinfection standards.
Different standard disinfection boxes have different disinfection effects due to their different sterilization methods. Specifically, there are currently three types of one-star and two-star standard disinfection boxes on the market: infrared disinfection boxes are the most basic ones. High-temperature steam disinfection boxes use high-temperature steam for disinfection. Ozone disinfection boxes are also the most commonly used household disinfection cabinets. Ozone has a strong bactericidal power, but because ozone is corrosive, there are strict requirements on ozone concentration and product technology.
At present, COVID-19 has not been completely eliminated, so disinfection protection is getting more important. According to the National Health Commission "New Coronavirus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Version 3)", it is learned that the coronavirus is sensitive to heat, and the virus can be effectively inactivated at 56℃-30 minutes. It is recommended that users choose a disinfection box that meets at least two-star disinfection standards when making a purchase so as to achieve the best sterilization effect.


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